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ADA Mediation

If you are a business owner and an ADA complaint has been filed against your business, take heart – you may get a chance to resolve the matter outside of the courtroom. With this in mind, did you know that not all complaints that allege violations of the ADA result in lawsuits? When a complaint gets filed, it is investigated by the Disability Rights Section (DRS) and mediation, instead of litigation, may be ordered by the Department of Justice so that the parties can save time and expense while pursuing a fair resolution of the matter.  Seasoned New York ADA Lawyer Jonathan Bell has several years of experience assisting companies of all shapes and sizes in ADA related matters, and have the ability to help you.


The Labor and Employment Attorneys of the Bell Law Group are pleased to offer the following ADA mediation services:

•     ADA mediation

•     ADA defense

In addition to the ADA mediation services that are listed here, the Bell Law Group, PLLC handles additional aspects of labor and employment law, including drive-by ADA lawsuits and more.

ADA Complaints and Your Business

If a business is ordered to participate in mediation after an ADA complaint has been made against it, the business owner may retain an ADA defense attorney to represent them in the mediation process. Attorneys who participate in mediation play a slightly different role than they do in the courtroom, helping their clients to consider the potential consequences of any proposed settlement, helping them work through barriers to settlement if the parties begin to experience difficulty in communicating productively, and ensuring that important details do not get overlooked in creating any agreement that the parties can reach.

Mediation is often a cost-effective and timely way to address an ADA complaint against your business. If mediation is ordered in your case, you have an opportunity to play a larger role in determining the outcome of the matter than you would if the case went before a judge, because in that situation, the judge would decide the outcome. 

Bell Law Group, PLLC: A Strong Ally for Your Business     

If you are a business owner and you have been ordered to participate in the ADA mediation process, you may wonder how your business is going to be affected by the eventual outcome of mediation. Fortunately, business owners who resolve ADA complaints through mediation with an experienced attorney by their side rather than resolving them through litigation are pleased with the outcome as well as with the process itself. Whether your business is established or you have a new business, if you have been ordered to participate in mediation, our attorneys are here to help you resolve the complaint against your business in fair, timely, and cost-effective way. If you have questions about ADA mediation, please call Bell Law Group, PLLC today, at 855-566-2355, to schedule a consultation.