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Drive-By ADA Lawsuits

It is important to realize that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, you could be sued by a plaintiff who was never even a legitimate customer of your business. Specifically, there are people who visit businesses for the sole purpose of looking for ADA violations. When they find one, they file a lawsuit.

Fortunately, you can prevent these drive-by ADA lawsuits by complying with the ADA. Attorney Jonathan Bell of Bell Law Group, PLLC understands it is not always possible for business owners to attend to of every aspect of their business’s operations on their own. We make ADA compliance simple by keeping up to date with ADA requirements and advising our clients on how to comply with them.

The attorneys at the Bell Law Group understand that business owners want to do the right thing. We focus as much on documenting the due diligence that your business has done and any efforts that you are making to comply with the ADA as we do on helping you take care of any areas that need improvement. Our attorneys take pride in helping you achieve and maintain compliance with ADA regulations.


The Labor and Employment Attorneys of the Bell Law Group are pleased to offer the following services to help our clients address the issue of drive-by ADA lawsuits:

  • ADA Defense
  • ADA Compliance

In addition to these ADA defense and compliance services, Bell Law Group, PLLC handles other aspects of labor and employment law, including ADA mediation.

When a Drive-By Plaintiff Sues Your Business

If your business is sued by someone who you feel visited the premises with the intention of finding an ADA violation and filing a lawsuit, you probably feel concerned for the well-being of your business. Fortunately, a skilled ADA defense attorney can help your business to obtain the best possible outcome under the circumstances. An ADA lawsuit can be a concerning thing for a business owner to go through, but you do not have to take up the fight for your business on your own. The experienced attorneys of Bell Law Group, PLLC are here to help you defend your business against ADA lawsuits of all kinds, including those filed by drive-by plaintiffs.

Bell Law Group, PLLC: A Strong Ally for Your Business    

Each business owner has a unique set of questions and concerns regarding the ADA, and the goal of Bell Law Group, PLLC is to give each of our business clients the individualized support and customized solutions that they need. Whether your business has been sued under the ADA or not, our attorneys are here to help you address any issues that you may be facing regarding the ADA. If you have questions about drive-by ADA lawsuits, please call Bell Law Group PLLC today, at 855-566-2355, to schedule a consultation.